Super moon february 3 2020 astrology

When is the next New Moon? November 26, 2020

An astrologist has revealed how the perfect date for couples to marry in is February the 20th, explaining how numerology and astrology have come together for the ideal day stock image used. According to Carolyne, the She continued: 'In particular, is set to be a particularly fortuitous time to enter into lasting partnerships and official commitments such as marriage.

Explaining how the combination of Aquarius and Jupiter is coming together for the first time since the free-spirited decade of the s, Carolyne explained how would be the year for moving forward.

Sun enters Sagittarius

She said: 'Saturn has been in its native sign of Capricorn since which put pressure on us all to review the aspects of our lives that required hard work, and to only continue putting energy into people and commitments that aligned with our deeper natures, or souls if you like. Revealing how this could mean that couples marrying in are more likely to last, she continued: 'Therefore, couples who survived this hard astrological two year stance and stood firm in their resolve to officially unite are not only more likely to weather any storms but to grow together; mentally and spiritually.

Professional astrologer and author Carolyne Faulkner believes the Marsha-Ann Brown of Sandals Resorts added: 'February is often a popular month for wedding ceremonies at our resorts, which can be put down to a number of key factors, between the peak season Caribbean weather and Valentine's Day falling on 14th February. She added: 'A lot of couples who book weddings at our resorts do have preferences about dates, whether they want a date which includes numbers that are special to them as a couple or if there are numbers that they want to avoid, like the number The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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November 26, What does the New Moon do? What happens on the day of a New Moon?

What is the difference between the New Moon and the Full Moon? The New Moon in Sagittarius will bring you plenty of love and romance.

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The New Moon is the opportune time to launch new projects and to follow your dreams. The New Moon is ideally a period of hard work, whereas the Full Moon is a period of reward. Afterwards, the Moon will appear as a tiny little crescent which will get bigger and bigger, day by day.


During the phase of the New Moon, the lunar disk is invisible to the naked eye. The Moon affects are very important and impacting on the human body, our mental health and even women's menstrual cycles. Discover what's in store in your weekly horoscope as well as today's horoscope. Do you ever see the same number sequences? Check out our Angel numbers guide and discover the message from your Guardian Angels. Discover Astrofame's selection of products to learn more about the Moon:.

The New Moon is an invisible phase for us on Earth, because the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun, meaning the illuminated side shines away from us.

2020 Planetary Overview

Although the New Moon is invisble in the night sky for us on Earth, this monthly cycle has huge impacts that we must pay attention to. Find out what lies ahead in your Tarot cards. The New Moon marks a new start , it's the perfect time to initiate new projects. During the New Moon, sow any seeds you may have. The New Moon is a time for hard work and requires effort to be put in if you are to succeed.

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super moon february 3 2020 astrology Super moon february 3 2020 astrology
super moon february 3 2020 astrology Super moon february 3 2020 astrology
super moon february 3 2020 astrology Super moon february 3 2020 astrology
super moon february 3 2020 astrology Super moon february 3 2020 astrology
super moon february 3 2020 astrology Super moon february 3 2020 astrology

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