Sun sign meaning in astrology


The Moon is responsible for the mental and emotional functions that play a major role in maintaining relationships with other beings.

When the Moon is in benefic state in your horoscope, it can contribute to you immense mental and emotional strength to handle even the toughest situations, while it may make you prone to depression and mental instability if it is in malefic state in your horoscope. The Moon sign plays an important role while making predictions about marriage and compatibility with a probable partner.

Many zodiac sign calculators are available online that make it easy to know your zodiac sign by name. The Moon sign plays a pivotal role in describing the emotional aspects of people.

All About the Zodiac Signs

Moon is a water sign which rules the emotions and hence is considered as the most important part of Vedic astrology. Find out your zodiac sign by name. Free astrology apps have made it simple to learn about the different zodiac signs. Zodiac sign calculators in these applications facilitate finding your Sun sign and Moon sign along with learning about your compatible signs, favorable days, favorable colors, gemstones and much more.

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Looking for something? What is Your Moon Sign?

Horoscope Compatibility Meter

The different ways in which Moon sign impacts your horoscope are: The zodiac in which the Moon was placed at the exact moment of your birth is used to select the first letter of your name in different cultures. The Moon sign determines your fate to explain how you need to move towards your goals.

Venus enters Scorpio

The Moon sign is useful in defining the character, behavior and nature of an individual. The Moon sign is helpful in finding your compatibility with other beings on earth, especially with your mother, father, partner, children and siblings.

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The Moon sign is responsible for dictating how people build new relations and what are the driving factors that help them in sustaining long lasting relationships and maintaining harmonious relations with everyone. Vedic astrology treats the Moon sign as a crucial factor for predicting the daily life scenarios. Your need to feel empowered and pampered at the same time which can make you overly-demanding.

Your need of affection, stability and material comforts helps you create deep rooted relationships. You need to feel safe and nurtured all your life.

You crave for playfulness and excitement and you always need someone to celebrate your conquests with. You want to create an equal and delightful environment for yourself to live in. You often find it difficult to open up to new people and have a hard time trusting people. You are driven by wisdom that comes from new experiences.

A Sun, Moon, And Rising Zodiac Sign Explainer That Will Help Astrology Make So Much More Sense

You want to be surrounded by festivities and celebrations. You crave for peaceful alone times to refuel yourself and get back on your task for creating things that will last for multiple generations. Your need for freedom makes it difficult for you to settle down in life. And yet, the tropical system, based on the equinoxes, has great meaning for many and is still the popular astrology. Sidereal 'signs' dials your Sun sign back 26 degrees. It's also interesting to see where the Sun was in the real sky, which is different from sidereal and can be found out from astronomical charts of your birthday.

Cusp Dates

Your sun sign describes your basic nature and the personality traits that remain constant through the ups and downs of life. It is the image you shine out to the world, but it comes from that truest, innermost part of you. The sun, which is actually a star, is at the center of the Solar System, and likewise, your sun sign describes your unique personal center. For example, those with the sun in Cancer are known to be homebodies.

Zodiac Signs: Know All About Your Sun Signs

More than just a quirky trait, being at home makes the Cancer feels powerful and vital, and where great things can be achieved. The sun sign shows what kind of environments and situations light you up. From the pursuit of a mate to a career, the sun sign shows how your ego or will push out into new experiences. Each of the twelve signs does this a little bit differently, which is part of what makes the human parade endlessly fascinating.

In romance, knowing how certain signs behave at close range can save you a lot of heartaches -- or help you plan your strategy. The sun sign gives crucial clues to understanding the dating behavior of the opposite sex.

sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
sun sign meaning in astrology Sun sign meaning in astrology
Sun sign meaning in astrology

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