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My lover "gets off" on bringing me pleasure and healing my pain through kind words Gemini and physical touch Mars. So I Googled Nessus. Thank you for this article. I'm curious about Nessus in my tenth house of Leo conjunct my sun moon midpoint. Relationships seem to limit me, with a north node in the 7th conjunct vertex opposing Mars conjunct Pluto in my first house of Scorpio. Sun in 3rd house of Sagittarius moon in 6th house of Aries. Nessus seems to take me to places in relationships.

Betrayal, learning to end codependency, becoming aware of my ego and attempting to balance a sharp tongue, mind, and body. I'm too much for many people and not enough when it comes to standing on my own. Like trying to run up a steep hill on loose gravel. Thank you! I've been seeing a lot of fear based Nessus articles and I'm grateful that you've written about it in a thorough way that reveals it' lighter side.

I was noticing that a lot of me and my best friends have Nessus conjunct the ascendant in our composite. These relationships are not abusive.

Nessus: The Ultimate Anti-Hero | DK Brainard

There is however a common theme of healing Eros and empowering eachother together. Thank you so much for this insighitful article. I have Nessus at 16,30 degrees conjunct my north node and Jupiter Retrograde in the 4th house in piscies. I also have Pluto and ixion in this house. Pluto is also trine Saturn.

I am kind of new to astrology and these aspects really scare me. I have heard alot of talk about Nessus bringing abuse in one;s life, and conjunct my north node it's even scaryer. Thank you for these ponderings! Deeper and more nuanced than many, I think. A question: What would you say about Nessus Nessus opposite Nessus?

And,Man opposite Woman, Cupido?

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Post a Comment. Love at First Sight If I could do it all over, I would have had two beautiful children, whom I would have taught to dream, and paint, and believe in themselves. And I would have learned to dream, and paint, and believe in myself much earlier in life. I hope to someday have a yard full of wildflowers. I'd love to be a professional muse. And if I had my way, I would fall in love each and every day for the rest of my life.

View my complete profile. Sunday, March 1, Nessus: Wounded Eros. In addition to the traditional planets, the discipline of astrology takes note of many other planetary bodies, including asteroids and centaurs—the latter of which are named for the half-horse, half-human creatures of mythology.

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As planetary bodies, the centaurs move in long, dis-orderly orbits around the sun. I grant the centaurs much significance, and I respect their profound teachings on human nature.


In myth, Pholus is the guardian of a special wine that gets uncorked, creating a temporarily wildly intoxicating and chaotic situation. Pholus is now active by transit.

Jeffrey Epstein: A Nessus Story

The notion of a heretofore hidden ancestral pattern creates a large enough container to help us begin to work with this situation in a way that will hopefully lead to a deep transformation and healing for all involved. In my own life and listening to clients, I sometimes get the feeling that we are embarking on a massive soul retrieval project on planet earth. Sometimes I think, how much more healing can there possibly be?

Here are some web sites for those curious to pursue the wild and, at times, marauding and intoxicating centaurs:. Zane Stein has been tracking Chiron since its discovery in His site is a vast collection of resources on Chiron and the newly discovered bodies. His section on Chiron is comprehensive, with contributions from many other writers.

Nessus: The Ultimate Anti-Hero

Eric Francis is also a wise and in-the-moment observer of the centaurs. As an introduction, he has a fine piece on Nessus , part of his Small World Stories. This is premium content, posted here courtesy of Planet Waves. Many thanks, Eric. The site has articles, ephemeredes, and lots of other astronomical and orbital data.

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The young woman gave an interview on ABC yesterday. Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. So glad you wrote…. Mary, where can I find an ephemeris for Pholus and Nessus? Pholus is currently conjunct my natal Sun with Mars opposite. I would like to know where the two minor planets are in my chart.

For a good discussion of the Centaurs in Greco-Roman myth and subsequent development in the mediaeval period, as well as the use of the mythology in allegorising and spiritualising Neo-Platonic Florentine circles and Baroque art, see Anthony Grafton, Glenn W.

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Most and Salvatore Settis, eds. In origin they are Thessalian cave dwellers, half human, half beast. Thus they represent the identification of the hunter with the beast hunted; the mythogeme of Cheiron as a teacher of youths—Peleus, Achilles, Jason, Actaeon, Meleager and Asclepius is a reflection of the initiation rituals of youths into the Mannerbande of hunters, wherewith the youths become identified with the victim of the hunt and are sexually subdued by the Man-Beast, in an homo-erotic initiation ceremony in a cave, to emerge as hunter-Mench themselves.

Homer Iliad 2. Heracles defeats the Centaurs with cruel and vicious violence, as they attempted to rape his wife, Deianeira; he kills Nessus with a single poisoned arrow.

Another version of the story has him wound Cheiron with a similar poisoned arrow in his vicious rout of them on Mount Pholoe. One may well be engaged in a viscous circle of name-ology and seeing co-incidences where there is nought but mis-understood myth, and thus make up verisimilitudinous stories.

nessus astrology meaning Nessus astrology meaning
nessus astrology meaning Nessus astrology meaning
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Nessus astrology meaning

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