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Leo moons are some of the most loyal—and stubborn—children of the zodiac. You need to get plenty of rest at this time, Leo moon! You need to keep your desire to fix and tinker with things in check. Changes in your social life are taking place, and you may feel like retreating—rest and down time are totally legit at this time! Keep your pessimism in check and connect with nature—flora and fauna always helps your spirits!

Moon Sign Taurus - The Moon in Taurus

Libra moons are great diplomats, fantastic at keeping the peace…you had to do that a lot growing up, after all! This eclipse stirs up issues from long ago, concerning family, your home life, and boundaries. This is an intense eclipse when it comes to communication for Scorpio moon.

Eclipses bring massive reveals, and Scorpio moon is sure to make some important discoveries at this time. Your job right now is to express and move through emotions that surprises bring up, rather than trying to manage or suppress them.

2020 Horoscope

People with the moon in Sagittarius are so generous! But during this eclipse, you should refrain from picking up the tab for everyone at the table. In addition to financial matters, you need to keep your schedule flexible, and not over-book yourself—not only is Mercury retrograde, making planning a mess, but eclipses are exhausting! A huge inner transformation is taking place.

But releasing your emotions and having a good cry is exactly what you need right now. Capricorn moons need to tap into their body at this time: get a massage, do some yoga, or otherwise focus on your senses. This eclipse brings a big shake-up to your everyday routine, and you need extra rest. Make space for these emotions. Pay attention to your dreams and do some journaling. This eclipse helps you, Pisces moon, realize what you need from your friends and community, and how you can set higher standards.

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  • Nothing makes a Pisces moon weepy like realizing their friend group may be toxic, but people are people, which means mistakes are made. Your values are changing, and as they do, some friendships and relationships will fall away…but new ones will take their place. Find trusted friends to vent to. What's in the stars for you in July? Read your monthly horoscope here.

    Taurus Daily Horoscope - Taurus Horoscope Today

    Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox? A lot depends on how you react to a crisis, on your choices. You can choose to exhaust yourself with involvement in every trivial matter or pick your battles consciously. Last quarter of the year gives significantly better results. Aspirations of going abroad may see delays.

    2020 Moon Sign Yearly Predictions : 2020 Yearly Horoscope Predictions

    Property and inheritance related matters must be handled with kid gloves. The year may bring some bothersome effects into the personal life too. While you work hard on all fronts and try to please people on all sides, what ends up happening maybe quite frustrating - instead of appreciation of your initiatives and efforts, there may well be indifference or nitpicking spoiling the experience.

    In some cases you witness a sly individual taking the credit of all your good work. It is a phase where you will be able to streamline your life with truth as you are able to see who your real friends and well wishers are, and how some others are simply fair-weather friends - just meaning to use you for furthering their agendas. There could be a personal loss throwing things out of gear.

    Taurus Moon Sign

    Issues pertaining to spouses' family may arise. You may need to steady yourself emotionally, without much support from anyone else. Health could be under duress as stress and anxiety take their toll.

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    Health condition of an elderly person in the family may be a reason for concern and expenditure too. Take out small pockets of time for yourself during the day to maintain balance. Women with osteoporosis or arthritis need to be cautious as painful conditions occur. Wearing the jyotish gemstone would be of immense help.

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    Video Gallery Picture Gallery. Power of lucky stones astrology. Vedic Gemstones Raj Kumar shares his experience. Karmic grandmaster Lord Saturn stays in Sagittarius, 8 th to your natal Moon for the entire year.

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