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You may have heard people say they were born on the cusp of Libra or another sign and wondered what they meant. To be born on the cusp means your birthday falls on the first day or the last day of a zodiac sign.

Many times a person displays traits of both signs. For example, if a person was born on April 19, it might be difficult to determine if that person is really a Taurus or an Aries. If you were born on a cusp, an astrologer will need to know the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born as well as your exact time of birth. These pieces of information will allow the astrologer to accurately calculate your sun sign. One thing you may have noticed is that sometimes when you look up your sun sign, you find a discrepancy in the range of dates used for your sign.

These can differ from one or two days depending on the source you are using. This can create confusion, and some people might decide they aren't a particular zodiac sign after all.

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The zodiac is comprised of twelve signs , and each is assigned thirty degrees within a degree circle. The sun moves through each sign's constellation. When you're born, where the sun is during that moment of birth determines which one is your sun sign. A range of dates for each sun sign is determined by the date the sun enters a zodiac sign's constellation and the date it leaves.

March 20th Zodiac Sign

The reason the range of dates can change is because the calendar cycle changes due to leap years. Many astrologers use the current year's dates while others prefer to stick with the original fixed dates assigned to specific zodiac signs. Just because the dates are different from the ones you use doesn't make your sun sign invalid.

They hate limitations — and when they are at risk of them, they feel very restless. They exhibit artistic abilities, and the range of their mental interests is quite wide. They feel attracted to everything that is unusual and romantic. They gladly live under water and go on long trips to enjoy beautiful views.

March 20 Zodiac Sign: Birthday Horoscope, Personality, Compatibility

Beauty in all of its forms strongly influences their soul. They value solitude and moments of quiet contemplation — especially when they are misunderstood and unappreciated by the environment, which happens quite often.

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They are a f aithful friend who can sacrifice for their loved ones. They have a lively sense of humor and certain satirical skills, thanks to which they are able to touch the feelings of those close to them — without them even having to want it. They do not wish to harm and bother others. A woman born on this day is submissive and emotional, able to show a lot of devotion and sacrifice for her loved ones.

March 1 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

She enjoys comfort, entertainment and pleasure — but she often does not show a wider spectrum of mental interests for all her benevolence and helpfulness. The flaws of this birthday — irritations and rather sour moods.

What are Birthdate Candles made from?

Such a person has the capability to neglect their duties for entertainment and pleasure. They should try to be always composed. For when they lose their calmness and surrender to their passions — they can be at risk of danger and be dominated by the will of individuals stronger than them.

horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday
horoscope 1 march birthday Horoscope 1 march birthday

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